Halloween candy jars, your crochet spooky covers

Halloween candy jars 2023

The scariest expressions to prepare for the ritual of trick-or-treating on the night of October 31. Here come the pumpkin orange Halloween candy jars, crocheted with our Asian yarn. With these simple ‘spooky’ covers you can decorate jars, glasses, mugs, and any kind of can you have around the house. We have made them in […]

Two-tone pattern tutorials for crochet cushions

two-tone pattern - tutorial

In recent weeks we have posted 4 two-tone pattern for making up crochet cushions matching the 2022 blanket. Now we resume 3 of the 4 patterns and add short videos to show the main steps. Pattern 1 – Cream brick motif In the video below we take up the double crochet and triple treble row. We […]

Bobble&stripes, last pattern and cushions finishing

crochet cushions 2023

Here comes the latest pattern for our crochet cushions worked with Milo yarn. So, the first 2 patterns exploited bricks and the third pattern was a stripe motif. And this fourth is a bobble&stripes motif, in a regular alternation of brown and cream. For a 40x40cm cushion work 20x20cm each motif square. When you have […]

Crochet stripes, dc and X motifs in two colors

Here comes a new stitch for our cushions matching 2022 blanket . If the first 2 patterns exploited bricks, the new proposal chooses crochet stripes, alternating on colors and heights between double crochet and X motifs. The yarn is still our Milo. For a 40x40cm cushion work 20x20cm each motif square. Crochet stripes motif With […]

Crochet bricks, cream and two-tone patterns

crochet bricks motifs for cushions

Here are the first 2 patterns for cushions matching the blanket. These are 2 versions of two-color crochet bricks, made of Milo yarn. The first version has the bricks all cream, squared in brown, positioned to form a little wall. The second, on the other hand, has two-tone bricks, alternating cream, brown, and cream. Profiling, […]

Crochet project for the upcoming summer

crochet project 2023

Do you remember our 2022 special crochet project, the crochet blanket? Last Spring/Summer we had collected and presented a series of crochet patterns. We worked with two contrasting shades of My Earth yarn, used alone or in two-tone combinations. At the end of the season we worked the number of motifs needed to make up […]

Crochet earrings, hoop-shape – Special projects

crochet earrings 2023

What is the most sought-after jewelry/bijoux for summer 2023? Crochet earrings, one of many versions of hoop earrings, which are depopulating in a variety of sizes and materials. Some people wear them on one ear, others prefer the classic pair. We have prepared 6 design projects, worked with our Cablé 5 and Cablé 8, sustainable […]

Crochet flower coasters – Special project

crochet flower coasters

Color your table with cheerful crochet flower coasters! It’s a quick and easy project that will bring summer into every convivial moment. From our Spring/Summer Collection, we took Milo, a sustainable 100% cotton yarn. As shades, we selected 4 vibrant ones, paired with a neutral—always the same—for center and outer round. You can choose to […]

Crochet chick, decorate your home for Easter

Egg hatches and an adorable crochet chick pop up to wish Happy Easter! Here is our special project for the upcoming festivity. Two chicks, a girl and a boy, are inside a pastel striped half eggshell. She has a pink bow, he has a lime bow tie. Follow instructions and create cheerful decorations for your […]

Lace motifs, last 2 patterns and cloudy blanket finishing

The cloudy blanket, worked with soft Mohair Royal, is almost complete. We posted the first 4 knitting lace patterns, with bells/zig zag motifs and diamonds/pine cone motifis. Now arrive 2 more motifs, worked in charcoal No. 5521, forming diagonals and pillars. Each motif always measures about 15 x 15 cm. We can then work a […]

Knitting lace, 2 more patterns for cloudy blanket

knitting lace for cloudy blanket

The cloudy blanket, made of soft Mohair Royal yarn, is gradually coming together. A week ago we posted the first 2 knitting lace patterns, with bells and zig zag openwork.   Now comes 2 more motifs, worked in light gray No. 9368. They form respectively openwork diamonds and pine cones. Each motif always measures about […]

Cloudy blanket – 2 knitting lace patterns

cloudy blanket - first 2 motifs

A new project is ready for you! The cloudy blanket, ethereal and airy, chooses soft Mohair Royal yarn. Over the next three weeks we will post 6 different knitting lace patterns, which we will use to make it up.   We start with the first 2 motifs, worked in light blue No. 2119. They form […]

March brings a special knitting gift

a special knitting gift

March begins with the celebration of International Women’s Day. So, we have prepared a special knitting gift that will accompany us throughout the month. It is a precious collection of lace patterns. At the end, we we will compose an airy and fluffy blanket. The yarn of choice is Mohair Royal, in a dusty palette […]

Handmade cup covers for Valentine’s Day

A breakfast in ‘warm knits’! On Valentine’s Day make handmade cup covers by choosing between heart&hug and Mrs&Ms pattern. Instructions of projects follow, with some photographic steps.     Cup covers ‘heart&hug’ – The steps of the work   Prepare materials and find out stitches you will use To make a pair of ‘heart&hug’ cup […]

Christmas decorations step by step

Christmas decorations

Holiday is coming. Make with us cheerful Christmas decorations to hang on the door and on the tree. What we need are: Calicò yarn, 1 ball for each of the following colours: pink, red, white, black, and green A 3.00mm (no. 11) crochet hook A 3.00mm (no. 11) circular needle Yarn needle with rounded point […]

Knitted home ideas – Wool that warms

2022 knitted home ideas

Warm cuddles of wool caress and color your favorite inner corners. Discover our Knitted Home ideas made with knitting needles and 2 eco-friendly yarns, Natura and Everest. A trio of cushion covers, a soft blanket, and two practical boxes in a pattern of stitches and delicate hues.   Download The warmth of Wool Magazine

Advent Calendar to knit, and fill

2022 Advent Calendar

This year wait for Christmas season with a very original Advent Calendar! You need a pair of needles, our Super Soft yarn (in green and some variations of red shades) and just few other materials. First you will knit the panel, then the 24 little pockets to sew with yarn needle. Instructions of stitches and […]

Little crochet witch – Your Halloween project

Black hat, fuchsia skirt, and sorghum broom. The cute little crochet witch is ready to awaken the spookiest night of the year. Below there is the final photo of our Halloween project. Then follow materials and instructions with some photographic steps. What you will need To make a little crochet witch you will need: A […]