Ceramic Art work bag: the first 2 granny squares.

Here are the first 2 crochet squares of the bag with the large flower in the center! Below the images, you will find what you need, the list of stitches used and the instructions for the squares.   Materials 3 balls of Nuovo Jaipur yarn for each of following six colours: cream shade no. 6576, turquoise shade no. 6550, […]

Ceramic Art Work Bag

Here is a do-it-yourself crocheted work bag, practical, large and colourful. We have chosen Nuovo Jaipur yarn in 6 different colours to create an impressive chromatic harmony. The bag is made up of 5 large granny squares, each worked separately, on which a different flower with raised petals blooms. A riot of textures and colours […]

Blossom flip-flop

Are you fed up with banal, simple, too common flip-flops? Would you like to make them unique instead? Here’s a Hawaiian inspiration project for you! Customize your flip-flops with the bright decoration of a crocheted hibiscus flower and Milo, a sustainable 100% cotton yarn. Among the large range of colours, we chose fuchsia for the […]

Easter crochet ideas 2024 – A nice trio

Easter crochet ideas 2024

Looking for Easter crochet ideas? Try this cute decorative trio: a female chick, a sheep and a bunny, which can easily become fun placeholders. MATERIALS 1 ball of Milo yarn for each of the following colors: white, yellow, pink, orange and some amount of black A 2.75mm crochet hook Yarn needle with rounded point Wadding […]

Crochet rug, the second multicolored layout

Here is the second layout for your crochet rug. Colors are the same, the pattern instead changes to create modular pieces with regular geometries. Materials, stitches, and tension are the same of first layout already published. Also instructions are the same for both layouts, and you can find it below the image. download pdf of […]

Crochet rug, the first multi-colored layout

Here is the first layout for your crochet rug, with a studied effect of multi-colored interlocking pieces. Below the image you can find materials, stitches instructions and tension. download a pdf of layout 1 MATERIALS • 1 ballof Milo yarn for each colour (the colours are indicated on picture) • A 4.00mm crochet hook. • […]

Crochet rug, a multi-colored gift for you

crochet rug with Milo yarn

A special gift for the month in which we celebrate International Women’s Day. In the coming weeks, in fact, we will publish two original layouts to create a super colorful crochet rug. We are working it with a classic 100% cotton, Milo yarn, perfect for its wide range of bright and vivid hues.

Jar with heart, a gift for Valentine’s Day

jar with heart

Celebrate Valentine’s day with a special gift! An original jar with heart, to be crocheted easily and quickly. Materials 1 ball of Calicò yarn for each of next colors: red, green, ecru, mustard A 3.25mm crochet hook Yarn needle with rounded point A stitch-marker Polyester padding Iron wire in the desired size A jar A […]

Evening clutch bag, an extra crochet gift

clutch bag AW23-24

A delicate silver evening clutch bag joins the projects of Essential Bags magazine. Let’s see now how to work it. MATERIALS 2 balls of New Glitter yarn shade no. 8592 silver A 3.00mm crochet hook Yarn needle with rounded point White lining fabric A press stud 13 silver beads Sewing needle and matching thread STITCHES […]

‘Santa’ slippers for the Holiday Season

A gift pops out of the first pocket of our Advent Calendar! It is a pair of witty ‘Santa’ slippers, ready to warm you up during the holidays. We crocheted them in size UK 3.5/4.5 – US 5.5/6.5. Now, let’s see together how to make them. Gather materials and go over the stitches To make […]

Halloween candy jars, your crochet spooky covers

Halloween candy jars 2023

The scariest expressions to prepare for the ritual of trick-or-treating on the night of October 31. Here come the pumpkin orange Halloween candy jars, crocheted with our Asian yarn. With these simple ‘spooky’ covers you can decorate jars, glasses, mugs, and any kind of can you have around the house. We have made them in […]

Two-tone pattern tutorials for crochet cushions

two-tone pattern - tutorial

In recent weeks we have posted 4 two-tone pattern for making up crochet cushions matching the 2022 blanket. Now we resume 3 of the 4 patterns and add short videos to show the main steps. Pattern 1 – Cream brick motif In the video below we take up the double crochet and triple treble row. We […]

Bobble&stripes, last pattern and cushions finishing

crochet cushions 2023

Here comes the latest pattern for our crochet cushions worked with Milo yarn. So, the first 2 patterns exploited bricks and the third pattern was a stripe motif. And this fourth is a bobble&stripes motif, in a regular alternation of brown and cream. For a 40x40cm cushion work 20x20cm each motif square. When you have […]

Crochet stripes, dc and X motifs in two colors

Here comes a new stitch for our cushions matching 2022 blanket . If the first 2 patterns exploited bricks, the new proposal chooses crochet stripes, alternating on colors and heights between double crochet and X motifs. The yarn is still our Milo. For a 40x40cm cushion work 20x20cm each motif square. Crochet stripes motif With […]

Crochet bricks, cream and two-tone patterns

crochet bricks motifs for cushions

Here are the first 2 patterns for cushions matching the blanket. These are 2 versions of two-color crochet bricks, made of Milo yarn. The first version has the bricks all cream, squared in brown, positioned to form a little wall. The second, on the other hand, has two-tone bricks, alternating cream, brown, and cream. Profiling, […]

Crochet project for the upcoming summer

crochet project 2023

Do you remember our 2022 special crochet project, the crochet blanket? Last Spring/Summer we had collected and presented a series of crochet patterns. We worked with two contrasting shades of My Earth yarn, used alone or in two-tone combinations. At the end of the season we worked the number of motifs needed to make up […]

Crochet earrings, hoop-shape – Special projects

crochet earrings 2023

What is the most sought-after jewelry/bijoux for summer 2023? Crochet earrings, one of many versions of hoop earrings, which are depopulating in a variety of sizes and materials. Some people wear them on one ear, others prefer the classic pair. We have prepared 6 design projects, worked with our Cablé 5 and Cablé 8, sustainable […]

Crochet flower coasters – Special project

crochet flower coasters

Color your table with cheerful crochet flower coasters! It’s a quick and easy project that will bring summer into every convivial moment. From our Spring/Summer Collection, we took Milo, a sustainable 100% cotton yarn. As shades, we selected 4 vibrant ones, paired with a neutral—always the same—for center and outer round. You can choose to […]