Autumn Winter Collection 24/25

Mexico and clouds

A lot of novelties in the next cold season. From the brand-new Atelier Collection,
part of Fashion Collection, to the new Classic and Luxury yarns

Spearheading the autumn/winter collection of Lana Gatto, the knitting brand from Tollegno 1900, is the newly launched Atelier Collection, part of Fashion Collection. Inspiring these two most creative and experimental souls
are tailoring taste and the colors of South America, respectively. The historic Classic and Luxury Collections
are also renewed with 3 new additions and a color range of 125 shades for the iconic Super Soft,
enriched with new melange hues.

Nine are the yarns of the brand-new Atelier Collection, exclusive in their composition and workmanship, trendy
in coloration and effects, as well as new graphics for bands and color cards. The names evoke style and sophistication: Piuma, Opera, Carezza, Scintilla, Deco, Incanto, Melodia, Sinfonia, Soffio. Together they give voice to Lana Gatto’s tailoring and craftsmanship soul, a happy blend of high-quality fibers and attention to fashion. The new cold season, in fact, promotes purples and lilacs as the predominant performers.

Ten, on the other hand, are the yarns of Fashion Collection inspired by the warm, earthy colors and traditions of South America: Argentina, Capoeira, Cile, Merengue, Messico, Perù, Santiago, Sombrero, Tango, Uruguay. Creativity and flair characterize these yarns, which make skin comfort and snugness their distinctive character. Thus, are born garments and accessories suited to all kinds of use.

In the wake of quality and innovation, even historic yarns integrate new 100% natural concepts to create comfortable and sophisticated outfits. In the Luxury Collection comes Cusco and Puno, a blend of alpaca and wool with the addition, in Cusco, of a percentage of cotton. Instead, in the Classics Collection comes Wool Mohair, a combination of kid mohair and wool. Furthermore, the most iconic product in this collection, Super Soft, expands its color chart to 125 shades, with new melange colors.