Autumn Winter Collection 21/22


Brightness, a sensory experience, and fine, natural yarns such as Alpaca and Merino Wool are the guidelines for the next cold season

Bright as the stars, evocative of the colourful, aromatic world, and able to stimulate the senses of spices: our 2021/22 Autumn Winter collection is a hosanna to light and a declaration of love for sensory experiences, thanks to the natural yarns (wool, alpaca, mohair) which are mixed with shiny products (sequins, lurex).

As a corollary to the two lines, “Fashion” and “Limited Edition Collection”, there is a series of continuous products which, due to their singularity and excellence, have managed to carve out a leading role for themselves in the knitwear sector and in the preferences of lovers of knitwear: from “Supersoft” in pure Extrafine Merino Wool to “Merinocot”, a perfect balance of Merino Wool (50%) and Cotton (50%), passing to “Silk Mohair” and “Cashcot Eco” – sustainable in essence thanks to its components (50% regenerated cashmere and 50% cotton) – the Lana Gatto evergreen yarns have been entirely updated in the colour cards, demonstrating their great relevance and attention to the diktats of fashion.

The same ones that inspired the “Fashion” line, in which the world of spices becomes the star thanks to the 12 “spices mood” yarns with emblematic names – “Anice”, “Pepe”, “Curcuma”, “Vaniglia”, “Cumino” and “Zafferano” – that let you give “flavour” to your outfits, enriching them with personality. To brighten up winter, there is also the “Limited Edition Collection” dedicated to stars and made up of 5 naturally brilliant proposals. To give light to even the most sober of looks, make room for Polaris (superfine Alpaca base and synthetic fibres covered entirely with a shower of teardrop sequins), Sirio (superfine Alpaca, kid Mohair and reduced percentage of polyamide fibre), Vega (thread rich in gold or silver sequins or printed with multi-coloured micro-sequins), Mizar (viscose and polyamide) and Antares (lurex and silver sequins on an Alpaca base).