Autumn Winter Collection 22/23

Urban, Natural, Glam

Three moods for the ‘Fashion’ line and new colors and products for the ‘Classic’ line are the strengths of Lana Gatto collection for the next cold season.

Lana Gatto has no doubts: next 2022/23 autumn-winter will be ‘Urban’, ‘Natural’, and ‘Glam’.
These are the three souls of the ‘Fashion’ collection of the brand, which focuses
on innovation even for the ‘Classic’ line, with revisited and structured color charts

New York is what inspire the Urban soul of Fashion collection. Seven yarns – Soho, Park Avenue, Times Square, Tribeca, Chelsea, Wall Street, and Fifth Avenue – that, happy synthesis of natural fibers and synthetic ones, lend themselves
to the creation of sporty-chic and smart-tech garments. Pure Extrafine Merino Wool, Cotton, Cashmere, and Alpaca
are the interpreters of the Natural core of the AW 22/23 Fashion collection. They are Aurora, Eclissi, Nebbia, Tramonto,
and Tempesta, 5 proposals that lend themselves to the creation of outfits with a strongly identifying style. The 5 yarns that make up the Glamour soul of Fashion collection are Palladio (palladium), Oro (gold), Argento (silver), Platino (platinum), and Rame (copper). A line the chooses these precious metals as the main actor of a bright scene.

Lana Gatto does not betray the strength of its evergreen proposals. For winter 22/23 the iconic Super Soft will be able to count on a color chart with 99 shades, 10 of which renamed ‘Fashion Vitaminic Colors for Sport & Leisure’. The innovations involve new products as well. The Luxury collection welcomes 3 new yarns: Kid Mohair Light, a thicker yarn for puffy
yet super light looks; Nuvola, volume and lightness with Baby Alpaca and Polyamide; and Natura, whose essence
can be guessed from fibers that compose it (Cotton, Baby Alpaca, Extrafine Merino Wool)