Autumn Winter Collection 23/24

The new glamour trends

Natural yarns are absolute protagonists of the next cold season collection. They celebrate the most famous ski resorts and the nightlife bonne vivre.

Pure or mixed with synthetic fibers, natural yarns once again guide both technical and aesthetic choices of Lana Gatto Winter Collection, the result of continuous research and experimentation. Thus, are born products that, for quality, uniqueness of workmanship, and a wide range of colors, give rise to garments capable of perfectly defining the identity of the wearer.

Fashion Collection is renewed following two major themes. The first, in the sign of Ski mood, is a tribute to the most famous world capitals of snowboarding and downhill skiing. There are Courmayeur, Avoriaz, Aspen, St. Moritz just to name a few.  The other celebrates, on the other hand, the nightlife, its exclusive haunts and must-have social rituals. A true ‘Exclusive Collection’, with 6 yarns bright in essence and luxury in name: Velvet, Champagne, Cocktail, Lounge, Diva, and Sparkling.

The diktats of glamour also permeate Evergreen yarns. Among the Luxury novelties there are two 100% natural items that know how to combine well fiber excellence and maximum well-being on the skin. They are both chain yarns and are Arequipa, named after the well-known Peruvian city, and Catena Soft. Another great novelty is the very rich color chart of the iconic Super Soft, an inviting palette of 115 shades stock service.