SPRING SUMMER 2022 collection:

time for eco glam

Sustainability is the star for the next hot season that focuses on natural fibres,
“green” details, and sweet food inspiration for fashion yarns

Ecological through vocation, glamour through attitude: the 2022 Spring Summer collection is a celebration of the two spirits that have long distinguished our brand which, over the years, has been able to develop products that have both a strong sustainable component and a high fashion appeal.

The next season will not turn its back on these sentiments, as confirmed by a new product that enriches the “Classic” line, the “sweet foody” inspired fashion capsule and the Mix&Match proposal which, presenting the opportunity to mix various yarns, is a palette of creativity for lovers of knitwear….

The signature item in the collection of classic products with a “green” vocation is My Earth, 100% recycled cotton with additional sustainable details such as the yarn label printed with exclusively natural inks and made from recycled paper embedded with seeds from flowers, fruit, and plants that will germinate when immersed first in water then in soil. Also “eco” is the box which contains the balls of yarn, made from recycled cardboard.

Our ecological commitment does not stop here, though, as we can see in some continuous products that focus on exclusively natural fibres – “Fresh (100% linen), “Silky” (100% silk) and “Sugar” (100% sugar cane) – and new proposals such as “Smoothy”.

Entirely natural in the fibres that make it up (50% cotton, 40% tencel and 10% silk), very soft to the touch, and cool to wear, the product from the Mix & Match collection only uses viscose from FSC-certified forests (Forest Stewardship Council – an international certification launched in 1993 specifically for the forestry sector and for products derived from forests managed in a correct and responsible manner in accordance with rigorous environmental, social, and economic standards).

From the same line that lets you play with yarns by combining them based on your own fancy to give body to outfits and personalised accessories, such as “Macaron” (100% flamed cotton) and “Milkshake” (75% cotton and 25% viscose) in which the sweet food inspiration is evident right from the name. A mood also seen in the 5 products from the “Fashion” collection: “Cookie” – 85% cotton, 11% polyamide, 4% metallic fibre with light points inside – “Cupcake” (44% cotton, 28% silk, 20% linen and 8% frisè-effect printed viscose), “Candy” (weft yarn 80% viscose and 20% metallic polyester, soft, silky and light, offered in 100g skeins in which the solid base colour is printed only in some parts, creating an evocative play of colours), “Brownie” – specifically for bags – webbing 50% viscose and 50% recycled polyester made from plastic collected from the oceans – and “Muffin”, 52% cotton and 48% recycled polyester in which the cotton thread meets a thread of sequins to give body to a soft, silky-looking yarn.