Sustainability and Innovation

Sustainability through attitude, innovation through vocation

Taking care of the environment, acting conscientiously to ensure people’s well-being, and investing in research and experimentation are the basis for our way of working



Preserving the BALANCE between production efficiency and respect for the environment; laying the foundations for a CIRCULAR ECONOMY in the name of sustainability, intelligent recovery and conscious re-use; investing in plants and machinery to keep the potential repercussions on our habitat under control: we share these principles of social responsibility with Tollegno 1900, giving them form by making ZERO-IMPACT CHOICES.

That is why, in Lana Gatto, we purify all the water used in the production process and we rely on PHOTOVOLTAIC SYSTEMS to produce the electrical energy consumed, saving approximately 1,920 tonnes of CO2 a year.



In the name of respecting the environment, we also select partners who share our philosophy of caring for the ecosystem and who stand by our commitment with CERTIFICATIONS that are a concrete statement of how well our activities comply with specific “green” provisions.

Being ECO-FRIENDLY has forced us to control the entire production cycle, measuring and assessing every stage of processing, avoiding wasting energy and, in parallel, ensuring the highest possible qualitative standards. A process that is the result of our history and our evolution: starting out as producers, over time, we have invested in the latest-generation machinery in order to improve ourselves and offer exemplary products.

Respecting the world in which we live means, though, much more besides: working with a conscience, being visionary in adopting initiatives capable of generating value, and investing in RESEARCH by designing materials and processes to make our products ever more natural. An ambitious objective that we have entrusted to our internal laboratory (TLAB), where all our samples, folders, and collections begin, and to our digital-tech division, which is developing solutions that optimise our actions and reduce the impact on the environment without affecting or compromising quality and performance.

Being innovative, for us at Lana Gatto, means this:
being ahead of the times, being pioneers,
and not being afraid to take new directions
to integrate into our path of growth.


Design and research

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