Knitting lace, 2 more patterns for cloudy blanket

knitting lace for cloudy blanket

The cloudy blanket, made of soft Mohair Royal yarn, is gradually coming together. A week ago we posted the first 2 knitting lace patterns, with bells and zig zag openwork.   Now comes 2 more motifs, worked in light gray No. 9368. They form respectively openwork diamonds and pine cones. Each motif always measures about […]

Cloudy blanket – 2 knitting lace patterns

cloudy blanket - first 2 motifs

A new project is ready for you! The cloudy blanket, ethereal and airy, chooses soft Mohair Royal yarn. Over the next three weeks we will post 6 different knitting lace patterns, which we will use to make it up.   We start with the first 2 motifs, worked in light blue No. 2119. They form […]