Blossom flip-flop


Are you fed up with banal, simple, too common flip-flops? Would you like to make them unique instead? Here’s a Hawaiian inspiration project for you! Customize your flip-flops with the bright decoration of a crocheted hibiscus flower and Milo, a sustainable 100% cotton yarn. Among the large range of colours, we chose fuchsia for the center and cream for the petals. Let your imagination run free and interpret the project as best suits your look!

1 ball of  Milo yarn for each of both colours fuchsia and cream
A 2.50mm (no. 12) crochet hook
A  3.00mm (no. 11) crochet hook
Yarn needle
White flip-flops
Two beads

Chain (ch)
Slip stitch (ss)
Double crochet (dc)
Treble (tr)

Work hibiscus flowers with two strands of yarn held together
(the pictures show the work without the colour change)

With fuchsia yarn make a magic ring and, into this ring, work as follows: 1st round: 12 trebles (1st tr = ch3); drop fuchsia, pick up cream yarn ending this round with a ss in cream into 3rd of first ch3. Pull starting fuchsia yarn to close ring, then cut yarn, leaving a long end.  2nd round: 1 dc into first stitch, make 3 chains, * miss 1 tr of previous round, 1 dc into next treble,  make 3 chains; rep from * all around ending with a ss into first dc (there are 6 arches).

3rd round: work (1 dc, ch2) 3 times and 1 dc  in each ch3-arch. End round wih a ss into backside of first dc.



4th round: fold slightly to the front the stitches worked into each arch on previous round (i.e. flower petals) and work as follows:  * 4 chains, 1 dc into closing loops of treble on 1st round , corresponding to dc of 2nd round  to create  arches ( the trick of working the double crochet into closing loops and not around treble post prevents the yarn from being seen on rightside of work). End round with a slip stitch into first dc.



5th round: work (1 dc, 2 tr, ch1, 2 tr, 1 dc)  in each ch4-arch. End round wih a ss into first dc. Fasten off.


Using a fuchsia strand and a cream strand held together, cover both straps of flip-flops , working a row of dc. At end, fasten off. Decorate center of each flower with a bead. Sew hibiscus flowers to flip-flops, as shown in picture.