Fashion MODELS

Our fashion models fit your creativity

This is how inspiration arises in choosing patterns to follow when creating knitwear between current trends and the classics

Items in the current trend, colour palettes most used by the big fashion houses for seasonal collections, fashion shows, books, and magazines but also posts by the most popular influencers, scouting on social media, and ideas from trendsetters: our fashion models come from integrated observations where CREATIVITY MARRIES TECHNIQUE.

Analysing fashion trends is, in fact, just the start of which the search is based for new suggestions to give life to items and outfits that will carry knitwear for the season, becoming MUST-HAVE FOR WINTER AS WELL AS FOR SUMMER.

A study, ours at Lana Gatto, which takes into account not only the type of yarn and its characteristics, using them in such a way that they can best express the value when in contact with the skin and in the aesthetic result, but also the style, which has to represent us.

A style which, an interpretation of our ITALIANNESS – in the taste, in the workmanship, and in the ATTENTION TO DETAIL – is also shown in the choice of the context in which we set our photo shoot dedicated to our trend-aware proposals, as well as to the more classic knits.

Because nothing in the Lana Gatto world is left to chance.