Creativity, research, and style: the Lana Gatto collections

Conception, construction, graphic design, and execution: each product line for knitwear is a research journey through yarns and colours

Creating a collection means IMAGININIG THE FUTURE, giving it new colours and shapes. An action that goes beyond creativity, it is visionary and bears fruit through a path of CONTINUOS RESEARCH in which fantasy and reality, intuition and inspiration follow one another until they harmonise into a SINGLE IDEA.

Our product lines, all MADE IN ITALY, start just like this and are an expression of the long, hard work that, after an initial phase of study and analysis into what has been developed in the past for colours and fibres, continues by creating a NEW PROPOSAL, organised into yarns and nuances that will define the trend for the season.

From the creation of the first prototypes, the heart of the collection, to the identification of the concept, the step is a short one, but significant, in order to proceed with the definitive part which will take our balls of yarn and the products for knitwear to take off IN THE WORLD.