Socks yarn innovative by Lana Gatto: Merino Socks

socks yarn 2023

Lana Gatto launches an innovative and exclusive socks yarn, 100% Made in Italy as all its Collections. It is the newest addition to the 2023/2024 AW Collection and its name is Merino Socks. Composed of Fine Merino Wool Super Wash and Nylon, it provides 8 cheerful, fancy, and original hues. The innovative features of the […]

2023/2024 AW Collection Preview

2023/2024 AW Collection

Green attitude and glamour guide the proposals of 2023/2024 AW Collection. Natural yarns are increasingly the protagonists, pure or in blends, the result of the company’s constant investment in research and experimentation. Thus, quality of materials, uniqueness of workmanship and a wide range of colors mix up to give life to garments capable of perfectly […]

2023 Spring/Summer preview Collection – The Caribbean dream

The Antilles islands with their pristine paradises, intense colors, and charged vitality are the beacon that illuminates 2023 Spring/Summer Lana Gatto Collection. In the Fashion line comes 9 yarns that focus on lightness, light, and bright hues. Let’s find out some of them! Light is the distinctive feature of Cuba, a mouliné of cotton threads […]

Fashion knitted yarns, a special KIT for AW 2022/23

fashion knitted yarns

The novelties of Lana Gatto for AW 2022/23 season continue. A few weeks ago we presented for the first time the precious Vip in printed version. Now comes the brand new KIT to enrich the printed capsule of Fashion knitted yarns. What is Kit? It is a real kit that contains a combination of 2 […]

Six new printed yarns arrive in the 2022/23 AW Collection

Baby Soft, Calicò, Merinocot, Silk Mohair, Super Soft and, for the first time, Vip. The precious fibers of 6 products of the autumn/winter collection wear new and surprising mixed colors. This is how the 2022/23 AW Capsule Printed Yarns Collection was born. This year it elects as its flagship product Vip yarn in 7 original proposals. […]

The seduction of spices – 2021-2022 FW Fashion yarns preview

Mysterious, exotic, seductive. Spices retain all the charm of their far countries of origin. Moreover, inebriate the senses with their universe of colors, flavours, and smells. At the mere mention of their name, East atmospheres and ancestral trade routes fill our imagination. They are as strong, warm and full of personality as the Fashion yarns […]

On the stars trail – 21-22 FW sparkling looks from March 15th

sparkling looks

Stars have always enchanted adults and children, stimulating their imagination. They are as bright as the soul of the new 5 Stars Limited Edition yarns. The finest fibers contained in them illuminate even the most sober outfits. From March 15th, on @lanagattofficial and on this web page, you will see the sparkling looks made by […]

Italian beauties – Nature and fashion, binomial of excellence

italian beauties

Seven Italian beauties are the landing places of a route to discover the 2021 Spring/Summer Fashion collection. In this virtual itinerary we will guide us natural beauty, creativity and that way of life that make Italy unique. The quality natural fibers chosen are cotton, viscose and linen, in pure versions or blended with silk and […]

Italian beauties – Pastel shades, the Riviera looks

pastel shades SS2021

The journey into the 2021 Spring/Summer Fashion collection continues. Our guide will be colors, and in particular a vibrant selection of pastel shades. We enter in fact the narrow streets of two villages overlooking the Amalfi Coast and the Italian Riviera respectively. Positano – In the land of colors A “wall” of colorful houses clinging […]

Cotton yarns – The long journey from seed to ball

How is cotton born? Through what processes is it obtained? What is the difference between one type and another? How does fiber become cotton yarns? How to read the yarn label? Each cotton ball that arrives in our hands tells a story and contains a series of data that guide us in the creation and […]

Italian beauties – A fresh bouquet for summer textures

The latest yarns from the 2021 SS Fashion collection are a tribute to two exclusive Italian locations. They put on a show their blooms and inspire summer textures. So, let’s get to know them! Sanremo – Iridescent textures like the ‘city of flowers’ The ‘city of flowers’ par excellence – unique, lively, fashionable – inspires […]

White outfits and pastel shades – Summer in a full-color

white outfits summer 2021

When summer arrives, the desire for lightness, joy, and vitality grows. And this is also reflected in the style, where the color is the absolute star. The fashion palette is wide, fresh, and energetic like the rainbow hues. Lana Gatto has collected them in the 2021 SS Classic collection, declining them on the natural fibers […]

Silk, a concentrate of charm – 2020 SS collection


Exotic, noble, fine. Adjectives are not enough to introduce silk, a pearl among the fibers, a condensate of elegance and functionality also in the summertime. For these reasons, 100% silk Silky yarn is a constant presence in the Lana Gatto high-end classic yarns. From natural colors to the most delicate pastel tones, dress you in […]

“Special” effects: the fancy yarns – 2020 SS collection


Composite, colorful, original! The beauty of the fancy yarns is in the “special” effects that they are able to create on the textures of handmade garments. Hollywood, Los Angeles, Oscar, Surf: the first 4 yarns that we introduce you, all included in the Lana Gatto fashion collection, are a reminder of California and its suggestions. […]

Preview 2021 SS collection – Italian Sea Chic


The 2021 Lana Gatto SS collection has finally arrived! Seven Italian seaside places, unique and known all over the world, reflected in the color charts. The Italian style, a concentrate of creativity and aesthetic taste, as a common thread. A confirmation: natural and high quality fibers, absolute protagonists in the compositions of classic and fashion […]

Precious and exclusive – The limited edition winter yarns

wintern yarns

It’s party time. It’s time for shiny and precious textures for our knitted garments. Like those that create Grecale, Libeccio and Scirocco yarns, three items from the limited edition Anniversary collection. Thanks to the exclusive combination of fibers, treatment and color, surprising models can born! To suggest some ideas, here you are two garments made […]

Viscose, the vegetable silk – 2020 SS collection

Light, shiny, velvety: we are talking about viscose, a natural-based fiber that has long been called vegetable silk due to its particular softness and shine. There are different types of fibers in the viscose family: those derived from sugar cane, basis for Sugar yarn; those of bamboo, represented by Malibù yarn; and of course those […]

Linen, sustainability to wear – 2020 SS Collection

Ecological, fresh, resistant. It is linen, another great classic of the summer season. In the Lana Gatto collection it is present both in combination with other fibers and in the 100% composition of the Fresh yarn. The name says it all: its charge of freshness, its lively palette of colors will accompany you during the […]