Lustrous yarns that leave their mark


Celebration time is approaching. To enliven the most glamourous evenings of the year comes a Capsule Collection of lustrous yarns for looks that leave a mark!

Inspiring it is worldliness in all its expressions, from the clubbing nightlife to the nights of the Dolce Vita or luminescent galas. The colors stand out and focus on greens, blues, pinks, blue-purples, of course in bright shades with a lot of lurex.

Thus, on the textures of knitted dresses and tops for the festive season enter the original and natural melange effects of Arequipa, the velvety and iridescent-effect chenille of Velvet, the multi-colored sequins of Cocktail and the teardrop sequins of Champagne, the shiny and hairy fur effect of Diva.

evening party knitwear

Look for instructions in the new Dolce Vita Spirit magazine by Lana Gatto.