Autumn T-shirts, color and warmth


Comfortable autumn T-shirts to wear with cold temperatures. Knitwear becomes even warmer with the addition of a soft turtleneck. Alternatively, opt for a classic: a micro V-neck pullover. New ideas from 2022/23 Fashion Collection arrive, all to knit.

Three yarns, inspired sky and metropolitan neighborhoods, give them autumn colors and fancy textures. There are contrasts in warm shades of Tempesta, the multicolored Tweed effect of Eclissi, and an original multicolored melange of Chelsea.

Let’s start with the first model, a high neck T-shirt made with Tempesta yarn. Stocking stitch and K2, P2 ribs are the main stitches. Level is intermediate because of the yoke worked in one piece.

high neck T-shirt


The second proposal is a fancy T-shirt, made such by both Eclipse yarn and stitch mix. High neck here is large and fold in half. Level become advanced also for its particular construction.

fancy T-shirt

The last project is a variation of T-shirt shape, as we said a micro V-neck pullover. Here again everything is left to Chelsea yarn. The basic stitches are stocking and reverse stocking stitch. Instead, K2, P2 ribs outline high lower borders, shorter on the sleeve.

V-neck pullover

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