Cable sweaters in two shades of light blue


Cable patterns are definitely an evergreen in knitwear. Thus, also this winter season we propose new ideas for classic cable sweaters. We combined them with two shades of light blue, trendy among the pastel colors seen on the catwalks. We chose them from the charts of Misina and Class yarns, 100% pure new wool the former, refined blend of extrafine merino wool and angora the latter.

The first model is a delightful casual jumper. Construction is simple. The main stitch is stocking stitch and there is a flat, crossed motif in the center front. Borders are thin and in garter stitch.

casual jumper

Below, and in the proper section, we leave two video tutorials for crossed motif. The first one shows how to work the first half of pattern on 10 stitches.

In the second video we see how to work the second half of the pattern.

We now turn to the second model, an all cable sweater, partly open at the front. It combines the right part in the main shade and the left part in another color, off white. The work is challenging because it follows the distribution of colors on the different parts. In fact, we execute first the right part of back and front, then the whole left part, finally the sleeves, each in the matched color.

two-tone cable sweater

Casual jumper and two-tone cable sweater