Cables and ribs, fancy patterns on sweaters


Winter sweaters seduce with a soft color palette and a preference for classic cables and ribs patterns. Also they appreciate natural fibers such as Alpaca, Cashmere, and Merino Wool. Essential garments in the seasonal wardrobe, they follow tradition in shapes and stitches. They are sober and without excesses, except for some asymmetry or a rich proposal of motifs. Unmissable is high neck, also in ring version.

In the three following Lana Gatto proposals, the yarns chosen are soft and comfortable New Baby Alpaca 70, Maxi Soft, and Eco Cashmere Soft. The featured precious eco fibers are recycled Cashmere, Extrafine Merino Wool and Baby Alpaca.

First model is a melange-effect sweater. Delicate half fisherman’s rib profiles borders, upper part, and folded collar. The rest of texture is a very simple stocking stitch.

melange-effect sweater

The second garment is a gritty cable sweater. An interesting review of stitches shows up vertically across the entire texture. On back and sleeves cartridge stitch and fisherman’s rib alternate. On front the previous stitches lay out symmetrically on either side of a wide central cable.

cable sweater

Third model is a fanciful asymmetrical Irish jumper. The elaborate cable and diamond stitch grow on front, back and, in a short version, even on the lower part of sleeves. The upper part of these last one, instead, has a lively cartridge stitch.

asymmetrical Irish jumper

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