Classic fashion for handmade garments and accessories


Houndstooth and fawn textures are two timeless in the world of classic fashion and, specifically, of knitwear. They communicate elegance, style and essentiality. Associated with garments and accessories with a youthful shape, they acquire verve and new energy. Even more if they are handmade garments.

Classic fashion to crochet and knit

In The New Classic magazine, we have an overwhelming pair of models worked with knitting needles and crochet hook. A camel suit and a bag that will make young and old fall in love. The yarn chosen is one of our Classics, Calicò, a Merino Wool blend. Shall we start?

The first project that we present is the shoulder bag in houndstooth pattern crocheted with two classics: black and white. It is really irresistible combined with an outfit in the same colors!

classic fashion

The second project is a sparkling suit composed of top and skirt. Garter stitch and stocking stitch alternate in rounds and in back-and-forth rows. Who can’t wait to wear it with a very simple white shirt and a pair of high boots?

fawn suit

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