Crochet and knitting tutorials, stitch ‘under the lens’


A new column of crochet and knitting tutorials starts, featuring some stitches and putting their basic steps ‘under the lens’. Each stitch is paired with the fashion model published during the week.

To give a taste, we start with stitches from 2 garments published in early January, Fair Isle Jumper and Houndstooth Jacket.

In the Fair Isle Jumper there is a three-color Fair Isle motif. It starts with 2 colors: the third one comes in the final rows. In the first video you see how to work a right-side row and how to change the two colors.

The second video, however, shows a wrong-side row with the corresponding movement of the two threads.

And, here is how knitting appears on the right and on the wrong sides of the work.

The feature of Houndstooth Jacket, on the other hand, is the stitch that gives it its name. We use crochet hook and yarns in two shades of gray. In the video you can see how to work a right-side and a wrong-side row. You also notice the movement and interchange of the two threads as the pattern takes shape.