Crochet blanket – Combining motifs to make up it


Also the 7th and last motif has been given! 48 motifs are needed to obtain a crochet blanket measuring approx 60x80cm. Taking inspiration from three different arrangements proposed below or following your personal imagination, you have to work required number of motifs.

crochet blanket - waved checkerboard


crochet blanket - zigzag checkerboard

crochet blanket - banded checkerboard

When all the motifs are finished and ready to join, it is necessary to make them all the same size with the getting in shape, as follows: first, fasten off and weave in ends. Lay out Motifs on a flat surface, covered with an ironing cloth. Pin out each Motif to measurements. Cover with a slightly damp cloth and leave to dry. Remove the pins only when the cloth and the Motif are perfectly dry.

Now join all the Motifs, using yarn needle or crochet hook, taking corresponding edge stitches of two neighboring Motifs. Follow preferred arrangement.

When all the motifs have been joined, with My Earth yarn in brown shade work 5 rounds in double crochet all around, making sure to round the corners well, thus obtaining the finishing border.

The blanket is now finished!