Crochet project for the upcoming summer


Do you remember our 2022 special crochet project, the crochet blanket? Last Spring/Summer we had collected and presented a series of crochet patterns. We worked with two contrasting shades of My Earth yarn, used alone or in two-tone combinations. At the end of the season we worked the number of motifs needed to make up 3 versions of blanket, which was then finished by a double crochet border.

a version of crochet blanket 2022



milo 8682

Well, soon we will start a new crochet project, precisely coordinatedcushions. We will always start with crochet patterns in the same shades as the blanket, but this time we will work only two-tone motifs in fancies of bricks and stripes. The yarn will also change, and it will be our iconic Milo.

We will meet back here on July 11 for the first appointment!