Crochet rug, the first multi-colored layout


Here is the first layout for your crochet rug, with a studied effect of multi-colored interlocking pieces. Below the image you can find materials, stitches instructions and tension.

modular pattern for a rug

download a pdf of layout 1


• 1 ballof Milo yarn for each colour (the colours are indicated on picture)
• A 4.00mm crochet hook.
• Yarn needle with rounded point



Chain (ch); double crochet (dc).
FANCY DC PATT : work over an odd number of sts.
1st row: 1 dc into 2nd ch from hook, 1 dc into each of next ch to end, 1 ch, turn.
2nd and 4th rows: 1 dc into each of next sts to end; 1 ch, turn.
3rd row: 1 dc into first st, * 1 elongated dc (=insert hook into next st but one row below, yarn over hook and draw an elongated loop through st, yarn over hook and draw through 2 loops on hook to close elongated dc; 1 dc into next st; rep from * to end; 1 ch, turn.
5th row: 1 elongated dc into first dc, * 1 dc into next st, 1 elongated dc into next dc; rep from * to end, 1 ch, turn. 6th row: 1 dc into each of next sts to end; 1 ch, turn.
Rep from 3rd to 6th row throughout.

Before choosing which of the two layouts you prefer, it is necessary to check the tension. Make a 10x10cm approx square in Fancy dc patt with yarn used double and 4.00mm hook; count how many stitches there are in 10cm width: this sample will be used to calculate the necessary number of starting chains to work each rug piece.