Crochet rug, the second multicolored layout


Here is the second layout for your crochet rug. Colors are the same, the pattern instead changes to create modular pieces with regular geometries. Materials, stitches, and tension are the same of first layout already published. Also instructions are the same for both layouts, and you can find it below the image.

geometric pattern for a rug

download pdf of layout 2


According to the tension and following the measurements indicated on picture of preferred layout, with yarn used double and 4.00mm hook, work in Fancy dc patt all pieces necessary to obtain the desired modular rug, using indicated colors. At end of each piece, cut yarn and fasten off. Weave in all ends in a hidden way between the stitches, so that even the backside is perfect. With a yarn needle, join the pieces together, arranging them according to chosen layout. Sew precise and regular seams, inserting needle into edge stitches of each piece. Using color indicated on chosen layout, complete outer rug edges with 3 rounds of dc, working 3 – or more – dc in each corner st in order to keep the work flat. Following these instructions, pi is possible to make the rug in any size.

The rug… is finished!
If you prefer, finish the rug backside with a colored lining, choosing from the colors used.