Crochet swimsuits, fashion trends for sunbathing


In 2023 Swimwear once again promotes crochet swimsuits. One-piece, sporty two-piece or the timeless bikini. Everything is trendy, even in the choice of colors and textures. Plain colors as well as striped patterns and two-tone combinations are fine.

The seasonal end gives two super attractive holiday proposals. The fiber that closes summer models is still cotton, in the classic versions of Milo and Cablé 8 yarns.

We start with a rainbow suit consisting of bandeau bra and shorts. The stitch is the same for both pieces, a fancy double crochet pattern. The alternation of colors is also identical, repeated twice on shorts because of the different height: 5 vibrant shades profiled by white, taken up for straps.

crochet rainbow suit

We then continue with the orange bikini in the classic triangular version. The two-piece is all in double crochet. A thin round of mesh stitch borders the panties and the sides of bra from which straps depart.

orange bikini

Suit and bikini