Granny squares to wear, the timeless crochet


We have always loved them! Again, this year, Granny squares are the stars of the wardrobe, applied on tops, dresses, bags, and other accessories. Square, colorful, fancy. A little bit retro, a little bit boho chic, a little bit country. The pattern doesn’t change but refreshes each time, trying plain colors and eye-catching hue combinations.

We chose these crochet motifs for the new summer models. We then paired them with a knit pink suit that will conquer. The fiber selected for the Granny garments is the cotton of a classic, Cablé 5 in its cheerful colors. For the suit, on the other hand, the micromodal blend of the fashion yarn Aruba comes down the runway.

So, let’s start with the Granny multicolor minidress. Square motifs—in 8 color alternations on a white background—form back, front, and sleeves. The flounce-skirt, all white, echoes the basic pattern in the filet mesh variation.

granny multicolor

We now turn to the super summery granny top. Square motifs follow a precise distribution of colors and make up back and front. Colorful treble stripes finish them at the top and bottom. Treble stripes also build up the classic triangular cups, to work separately. Two thin yellow laces forms shoulder straps to tie behind the neck.

Granny top

And finally, we come to the knit pink suit. Cropped T-shirt and shorts have a simple stocking stitch texture. The uniqueness is all in the chenille-effect yarn, soft to touch but especially on the skin.

pink suit

Granny models and pink suit