Design projects for home – With cushions video tutorial


Bring your home to life with our design projects! We prepare a collection of sets and accessories for every daily moment, from wake up in the morning to coffee break, from lunch to relaxing time.

We alternate techniques and stitches, with knitting needle and crochet hook. We use the sure-fire Classic yarns: Patagonia, Merinocot, Calico, Nuovo Irlanda, Perlata d’Australia.

Winter Home Collection 2023

Find all the projects in the Design Ideas magazine. Below, however, we leave a video tutorial for cushions with triangles. In the steps we explain how to join a triangle and a half triangle.

In the first video you can see how to work a triangle pattern: we work it with orange yarn.

Next, the second video shows how to work a half-triangle pattern: we now use white yarn.

The tutorial ends in the third video, where we explain how to sew a triangle and a half-triangle using a yarn needle.