Fashion models and a special project – Our SS2022


Welcome hot season! Temperatures are getting ready to rise again and women’s wardrobe renew itself with new fashion models. SS2022 trends speak of freedom and escape, in colors, lengths, styles, and combinations. We have seen many novelties on fashion houses catwalks, many returns and a great certainty: crochet is once again protagonist. While we wait for the long-awaited hot season, we too are getting ready to unveil the novelties we have entrusted to this spring.

Fashion models for 2022 Spring/Summer

From next week, we will start to present the 2022 fashion models to knit or crochet. This year, the collection will be based on sustainability and glamour, the two souls that have long merged in Lana Gatto knitting yarns. Alongside the ever-loved classic products, there is a fashion capsule with sweet foody inspirations. There also is a series of Mix&Match proposals to expand the range of creative combinations. Let’s get ready, then, for an eco glam spring/summer! In the meantime, here is a short preview.

A special crochet project to build together

Among the novelties of Lana Gatto spring there is also a collection of crochet patterns that will become an original blanket! This is our special project dedicated to crochet lovers. We will use the signature item of 2022 Classic Collection, My Earth, 100% recycled cotton with several sustainable details that we will gradually discover. We choose two contrasting shades, used alone or in two-tone combinations, for a refined final effect. We’ll work together throughout the season, pattern by pattern, until our project is complete. We’ll see you in April with the first appointment!