Geometric patterns in shades of gray


When three shades of gray intertwine, magnetic and regular geometric patterns take shape. Featured motifs are diamonds separating color blocks, and a timeless houndstooth, always charming. On the other hand, two are the star Classic yarns: Super Soft, and Mini Soft.

Fair Isle diamonds characterize the color block jumper To obtain them, you use Fair Isle stocking stitch technique. Two variants in three colors separate the three knitted blocks on front, the first at the waistline and the second at the armholes (back is a dark grey stocking stitch texture). The same waistline variant separates the two blocks on sleeves. K2, P2 ribs complete turtleneck on borders and polo-neck.

Fair Isle jumper 2023

Houndstooth pattern, on the other hand, defines the elegant crocheted jacket. The model is a classic for all ages, complete with fake pockets. A studied combination of treble and crossed treble in two shades of gray creates pattern. Three double crochet rounds in the darker hue contour the entire garment. A delicate jewel button closes the jacket at the neckline.

Houndstooth jacket 2023

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