Knit layering, add garments with style


Autumn temperature change leads to an increase in the weight of garments we wear. The knit layering technique is a great strategy for composing everyday looks. Style can be both minimal and sophisticated to suit personal tastes. Multicolor, like that of Zermatt and Wengen yarns, is the solution on the texture. The basic fibers are identical for both: cotton, alpaca, and wool in different proportions, with the addition of a polyamide percentage in Zermatt.

We can, for example, choose the short waistcoat, to wear over a light long sleeve shirt. In stocking stitch, pattern is easy to work and match. A single rectangle forms neck border and fronts. A snap-fastener joins right and left front on the center.

minimal style waistcoat

We can also opt for a single element, the V-neck sweater. Big openwork leaves run through the texture. K1, P1 ribs highlight neck border, cuffs, and bottom border.

openwork leaves

Waistcoat and sweater