Knitting step by step – Trendy waistcoat part 2


Let’s work the trendy waistcoat together! Last week you gathered what you needed, practiced with the circular knitting needles and fine-tuned your tension.

You are now ready to knit all the parts. Once completed them, go on with finishing. We will follow you step by step!

Instruction for Back and Front

Work in one piece until armholes. With 5.00mm circular needle cast on 135 sts.

For border, work 11 rows K3,P3 rib working back and forth rows with circular needle.

Continue to work in garter st until to 100 rows have been worked (item measures 41cm height from beg).

Divide work into three pieces: 30 sts for a Front, 75 sts for Back and 30 sts for other Front. Create armholes, working separately (use 3 balls of yarn – one for each piece) 58 rows. At end, cast off and, at the same time, join 30 shoulder sts of each Front to corresponding Back shoulder sts (30 sts at each end) using 3 needles, as follows: slip 1 st K t.b.l. (without working it) from back needle, K1 from front needle, then pass these first 2 sts over 3rd st.

Leave rem centre 15 Back sts on a stitch-holder for neck.

Finishing – Front opening and Back neck Border

Pick up 189 sts across Front opening edges and Back neck edge.

Work 11 rows K3,P3 rib, then, on next row cast off all sts knitways.


Finishing – Armhole Border

Pick up 60 sts plus 1 st around each armhole edge; start first round with K1P (= knit 1 st, pass previous st over K1). Place a stitch-marker before K1P to indicate round beg and work 11 rounds K3,P3 rib. Then on next round cast off all sts knitways.

Finishing – Pockets

Pick up 15 sts at centre of each Front,18 rows above K3,P3 rib lower border.

Work 16 rows in stocking st and 5 rows K3,P3 rib, then, on next row cast off all sts knitways. See pocket side edge seams to Front.

Everything you’ve just read is also in the trendy waistcoat part 2 pdf to download