Precious fibers = knitted garments that win you over


Sometimes just a yarn is enough to make a woman’s knitted garment very nice. Or, more precisely, the precious fibers that compose it. If you than add lightness, the transformation of the classic sweater into a trendy item is assured! So, do you want to knit a very chic model? here are two yarns from the 2021-22 AW collection that suit you.

Precious fibers for the precious Vaniglia

Vaniglia is a pleasant encounter between Cotton, Linen, and a small percentage of Polyamide fiber. The chain stitched gives volume and reduces the specific weight to the maximum without taking away yarn volume. Knitted, it is a warm caress on the skin. Moreover, the country-vintage colors are an irresistible appeal for fashion-addicts! Try it on this turtleneck dress with a maxi diamond patt + simple cables.

Refined elegance with the new Baby Alpaca 70

The latest addition in Luxury Collection, Baby Alpaca 70 is a happy combination of Baby Alpaca and Pure Wool, precious by nature. Knitted garments are elegant and preserve the characteristics of the basic fibers: they are soft and light, shiny and silky, hard-wearing, comfortable both at high and low temperatures. How about testing it with this very simple ribbed T-shirt?

ribbed T-shirt