Sheer dresses, beauty and daring


Show on and enhance one’s body with awareness, without ever being vulgar. Sheer dresses, one of the macro seasonal trends, take care of it. They enter everyday looks with effortlessness and charm, worn with a certain daring, or rather self-confidence.

Models are really numerous: short, very short, extra-long, with embroidered inserts and precious details, wrap-around and with dizzying slits. All have character, like the crochet proposals we present. Among the fibers in the SS Collection we selected the cotton blend of the multicolor Saint Martin yarn and the 100% silk of the solid color Silky yarn.

We start with the Granny long dress. Square and triangular motifs, in the classic pattern with groups of trebles and chain-spaces, build skirt and bodice. Thin shoulder straps start from cups and tie into a bow.

Granny long dress

We then continue with a refined combination consisting of an over-the-knee dress and matching handbag. The dress, worked with Silky, has a fully openwork texture created by a shell stitch. The bag, worked with Nuovo Jaipur yarn, on the other hand, is a carefully combined set of two-tone square motifs.

refined combination - dress and bag

Granny long dress and refined combination