Silk, a concentrate of charm – 2020 SS collection


Exotic, noble, fine. Adjectives are not enough to introduce silk, a pearl among the fibers, a condensate of elegance and functionality also in the summertime. For these reasons, 100% silk Silky yarn is a constant presence in the Lana Gatto high-end classic yarns. From natural colors to the most delicate pastel tones, dress you in lightness!

A fiber of character!

The name alone – silk – evokes an imaginary made of ancient imperial courts of the East, crossings between land and sea, commercial routes of remote memory. Its production process, from raw material to yarn to fabric, is perhaps one of the most fascinating and well-known, like its qualities. In the pure version, it best expresses its character, which it maintains even when combined with other fibers. Soft, shiny and light, in summer it does not retain heat and gives pleasant sensations on the skin, as well as delighting the eyes.

Beauty and seduction

Suitable for being knitted and crocheted, silk is beautiful to see and feel on. To give you an idea of ​​the effects, we present you two models in the shades of sea and sky, a breath of holiday air caught between the meshes of the openwork patterns: the delicate and seductive lingerie-style top; and the beach clothing coordinated, to live moments of relax in style.


Endless creations

Silky yarn has a very good yield, an important factor when you make a handmade garment. This feature expands the creative combination of shapes and textures. Choose your favorite model in a few simple steps!

  • Long or short? Mini or maxi tops, tank tops, T-shirts, bikinis, dresses: every model is possible! Follow your personal tastes, or those of the person to whom you will give it.
  • Needles or crochet? The results are good with both techniques, it’s up to you to decide which one you like best, even to work.
  • Compact or aerial textures? Do not bring limits: compact patt, fancy motifs, meshes, the feeling of lightness once you wear your garment is the same.
  • Too delicate? It’s true, silk is one of the most delicate fibers and the garments need more attention, but nothing so complicated. The traditional precautions are enough: wash your clothes by hand in lukewarm water with neutral detergent, do not wring them, let them dry flat and not in direct sunlight.