Linen, sustainability to wear – 2020 SS Collection


Ecological, fresh, resistant. It is linen, another great classic of the summer season. In the Lana Gatto collection it is present both in combination with other fibers and in the 100% composition of the Fresh yarn. The name says it all: its charge of freshness, its lively palette of colors will accompany you during the hottest months of the year.

A resistant and ecological fiber

Linen is a plant known since ancientness and its cultivation is widespread, especially in Western Europe. The high quality of the European variety has long been recognized. Three elements, in particular, decree its success: the type of soil, the climate and the experience of the growers, who combine respect for tradition with scientific and technological innovation. By the way, linen is the most resistant of the natural textile fibers. Not only that, it is also ecological: in each processing phase, the environment is respected and preserved.

A concentrate of quality

Linen has many natural qualities that it gives to clothing and household linen: ideal with any type of skin, it absorbs up to 20% of water, lowering the perceived humidity value, it is hypoallergenic and antistatic. We have two crochet proposals to suggest to you to refresh your summer wardrobe: the mesh dress, with a delicate and elegant filet pattern; and the combo top-and-pants, an energetic and solar coordinated.


Always ‘fit’

Crochet garments worked with nets and openwork patterns are perfect for summer days, and even more so if made with linen. For a good effect here you are some tips.

  • Work in a relaxed mood: keep the thread neither too tight nor too soft and hold the crochet hook firmly but without over-tightening your fingers. In this way you will get texture of the right compactness.
  • Don’t be afraid to make mistakes: if you focus too much on the position of thread and crochet and on the perfect execution, you will work with excessive tension and the final result will be affected. Remember that even if you jump or work a step inaccurately, you can always go back and correct its.
  • Keep your ideal measurements: linen is a low elastic fiber and tends not to lose its shape, so the final measurements will not change after washing.
  • Make a color test: linen fibers perform well when fixing the color, however some colors are less resistant than others and may release color during washing.
  • Wash your clothes in lukewarm water and with a neutral detergent: the openwork patt are more delicate and in this way you will keep them longer.
  • Leave the clothes to dry on a flat surface and not in direct sunlight.