SS Essentials, a guide to wardrobe basics


Basic garments are the centerpiece of minimalist style, back in the limelight this Spring/Summer. SS Essentials are indispensable in a woman’s wardrobe, able to compose perfect day and evening looks in no time. We thought of two basic knitted models following the most classic shapes. Fiber of choice in these proposals is cotton, represented by My Earth and Grenada yarns, the last one in micromodal blend.

Let’s start with the first garment, the orange tank top, fresh and colorful. Stitch chosen is stocking stitch, embellished on the bottom and armholes with an eyelet stitch insert. You work together in rounds until to armholes, then work Back and Front separately, in back-and-forth rows.

basic orange tank top

We then continue with the second garment, the intense and vibrant teal T-shirt. Working is simple and distinctive at the same time. The texture effect is only due to the yarn composition. In fact, you work in garter stitch, skipping yarn bobbles.

basic teal T-shirt

Tank top and T-shirt instructions