Crochet bags, the most beautiful of Spring 2023


Punctual as every spring, crochet bags arrive. On the fashion shows we have seen them in various shapes and sizes, from elegant to funny, always paying attention to details. The prevailing style is bohemian, balancing dreamy, comfort, and whimsy.

Hues are natural, from delicate pastels to neutrals. This year there is a return to solid colors, with a few forays into stripes and colored patterns. Materials are also mainly natural. In our fashion proposals you can choose from the cotton of Milo yarn, the linen of Fresh yarn and the viscose blend of the new Bonaire.

Let’s start with a couple of smart bags, both handbags. The first is a two-tone rectangle, drawing a vertically chevron pattern. The second is a very elaborate sequence of treble spirals, expertly interlaced on whole texture. The sought-after detail is the material chosen for handles, bamboo for the first and wood for the second.

smart bags - crochet technique

We now continue with an old rose combo, consisting of shoulder-bag and beanie. Stitches are classic and focus on the regular alternation of treble and eyelet pattern, forming small holes on the bag and bubble effects on the beanie.

old rose combo - crochet patterns

Smart Bags and Old Rose combo