Viscose, the vegetable silk – 2020 SS collection


Light, shiny, velvety: we are talking about viscose, a natural-based fiber that has long been called vegetable silk due to its particular softness and shine. There are different types of fibers in the viscose family: those derived from sugar cane, basis for Sugar yarn; those of bamboo, represented by Malibù yarn; and of course those obtained from vegetable cellulose, used together with cotton fibers to create Rodeo Drive and Venice yarns.


Lightness to wear

The viscose garments give pleasant sensations of softness and freshness on the skin, also offering good protection from UV rays.To easily find out what you can do with Sugar, Malibù, Rodeo Drive and Venice take a look at the models associated at each yarn: for instance, the hippy mood top-and-pant, a tribute to the legendary Seventies models; and the shell patt top, a classic in the summer wardrobe, always delicious.


If you like openworked textures and mélange shades, then do not miss the elongated patt sweater and the Saint-Tropez dress.


Colors that last over the time

The ease of fixing color on the viscose fibers expands the range of yarn shades, from bright and cheerful dyes to the surprising mottled and mélange effects. It’s a good thing for your knitted and crocheted garments, but this also makes them more delicate. No fear! Remember to follow just a few small precautions during washing and ironing and you keep tank tops, sweaters and dresses at the top.

  • Depending on the color and type of stitch, consider whether to wash the garment in the washing machine or by hand. In both cases, use cold water and a mild detergent.
  • For hand washing, immerse the garment in water and add detergent by gently passing the foam that it has formed. At the end, remove the excess of water without wringing.
  • For washing in the washing machine, choose clothes of the same fabric and protect them by inserting them in a laundry net.
  • Remove as much as possible creases passing your hands and dry the garment on a flat surface. Avoid exposing them to direct sunlight because it may cause color damage.
  • Cover the garment with a cotton cloth and steam it keeping the iron at the right distance.