Waffle stitch crochet motif – Your eco-friendly blanket


Let’s create a precious crochet blanket together! We have already worked the first three motifs, a couple with heart and star motifs and a two-tone weaved motif. Now, we take My Earth yarn in cream and let’s learn the waffle stitch together. A double-sided motif in relief is born from treble and back post treble. Motif always measures 10×10cm. Let’s get going!

With 3.00mm crochet hook and cream yarn, ch24 and, starting from 5th ch from hook, work as follows:
Row 1: 1 treble (tr) into each of next 20 chains. There are 21 trebles. Turn.
Row 2: ch3 (= 1 tr), 1 BPtr (= Back post treble: yarn on hook, insert hook around stem of treble from back to front, yarn on hook and pull through a loop), (yarn on hook and pull through two loops on hook) twice, * 1 tr into each of next 2 sts,

how to work a treble

1 BPtr around next tr;

how to work a BP treble

rep from * ending with a tr into 3rd of first ch3; turn. 3rd row: ch3 (= 1 tr), * 1 tr into next st, 1 BPtr around each of next 2 trebles; rep from * ending with a tr into last st and 1 tr into 3rd of first ch3; turn.
Cont to work, repeating 2nd and 3rd rows 5 more times (follow diagram, if you prefer). When 13 rows have been worked, fasten off. Keep Motifs.

waffle stitch - diagram

download waffle motif diagram pdf

This is how the wrong side of the work looks like.

waffle stitch - wrong side

While different from the right side, it is beautiful and can be used alternatively in blanket composition or for other uses.