2023 Spring/Summer preview Collection – The Caribbean dream

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The Antilles islands with their pristine paradises, intense colors, and charged vitality are the beacon that illuminates 2023 Spring/Summer Lana Gatto Collection.

In the Fashion line comes 9 yarns that focus on lightness, light, and bright hues. Let’s find out some of them! Light is the distinctive feature of Cuba, a mouliné of cotton threads (49%) irradiated by the shimmering of silver-coloured teardrop sequins inserted in it. Cayman too focuses on a bright effect and shininess thanks to viscose (80%) combined with metallized polyester (20%). In the thin multicolour printed tape Saint Martin (65% cotton, 22% polyamide, and 13% metallized polyester) the silver lurex creates unexpected shiny spots.

2023 Spring/Summer Collection

Spring/summer 2023 does not forget Classic line, those 100% natural yarns that have contributed to making Lana Gatto one of the most famous knitting brands in the world. We’ll find Silky (100% silk), Fresh (100% linen), Sugar (100% sugar cane), and the 100% Makò cotton of Nuovo Jaipur, Cablè 5 and 8, and Milo, all with renewed color charts. Brand new is the entry of a printed capsule in the Nuovo Jaipur yarn color chart.