A renewed website in the sign of sustainability


With the 2022 Spring/Summer preview collection, Lana Gatto launches the new version of its website. Graphics and sections have been renewed to ensure users the best browsing experience. The range of content is expanded to meet the many demands of the market. What remains unchanged are the style and the values that have always distinguished the company.

In the name of sustainability and innovation

Sustainability and innovation are the two values that inspire Lana Gatto philosophy. Attention to the environment and resources is a constant that governs all phases of production. The research and development department is constantly oriented to make the products more and more natural by intervening on processes and machinery. For more details visit the section SUSTAINABILITY AND INNOVATION.

What is changed

Browsing the website you will find many new features, some already visible others that will be added in the coming months. First of all the graphics, elegant and essential, in Lana Gatto style. Then the sections dedicated to collections and fashion models, reorganized in a intuitive way. Even the search function has been renewed to find the desired content in a short time. Then there is the magazine section, which will be integrated during the year, and the new tutorial section with video lessons and projects, which is also being expanded. Absolute novelty, as mentioned at the beginning, is the preview of 2022 Spring/Summer collection: you can get a taste of it in the video on the homepage, while in the collections section you can find all the items.