Crochet Hair Accessories – Give your haircut a unique style!


A fashionista knows it. To get the perfect look hair accessories count too! So, on the head sprout precious details that harmonize with style and personality of the wearer. Every season has its novelties, which catwalks anticipate and celebrities show off.

In the 2021 Spring/Summer hairstyles are enhanced, for example, with thin hairbands and scrunchies, the last ones so popular in the 90s. We interpret them in 3 easy crochet projects.

What you need is just a few grams of cotton yarns Milo and Cablé 5/Cablé 8 in the desired color, a crochet, a hairband and a few scrunchies are enough to create customized accessories!

Easy and funny crochet hairband

Use Cablé 5/Cablé 8 yarn and a 1.75mm crochet hook.

Commence with a Magic Loop. Insert hook into ring, under both strands, chain 1 and 5 dc, then continue to work dc in spiral: check regularly to make sure you reach the needed hairband length, as shown in the video.

Once hairband is covered, cut off yarn and fasten off. Insert hairband into crochet hairband. Sew end.

Hair accessories, easy crochet scrunchies

For violet crochet scrunchie use Milo yarn and a 3.00mm crochet hook.
First of all, encase basic scrunchie, covering it with a 1 round of double crochet (dc).
Round 2: starting with ch3 (corresponding to first treble), work 3 trebles in each stitch of previous round.
Round 3: work as 2nd row.
Cut off yarn. Fasten off.

crochet scrunchie - hair accessories

For blue crochet scrunchie use Milo yarn and a 2.75mm crochet hook.
First of all, encase basic scrunchie, covering it with a round of trebles (tr).
Round 2: ch3 (corresponding to first treble), 1 tr into first st of previous round, * ch1, 1 tr into next st, ch1, 2 tr into next st; rep from * omitting last 2 trebles; end with a slip stitch (ss) into 3rd of first 3 ch.
Round 3: work 1 dc into next 1ch-space, * ch3, 1 dc into next 1ch-space; rep from * ending with ch3 and a ss into first dc.
Cut off yarn. Fasten off.


All the projects are made by:
Barbara Mazzi and Elisa Mezzani, Filofilò – Merceria Creativa
Piazza IV Novembre, 10 – Villafranca di Verona (VR) – Italy