Fancy stripes and vitaminic orange – Summer in a full-color


Our journey through the trendy colors of 2021 Spring/Summer continues. This time the spotlight is on two cheerful colors, orange shade and fancy stripes, which inspire the most vitaminic looks of the season. As always, the yarns of Lana Gatto Classic Collection accompany us.

Fancy stripes, joy to wear!

Stripes are a classic of the summer season: awning, chalk, candy, Breton, Bayadere… everyone likes them and looks good wearing them! This year fancy stripes are all the rage, offered in cheerful and surprising multicolor. On a long dress, another must of the season, they become the perfect combo.

fancy stripes on summer dress

Find your favorite mix among the cotton hues of Milo yarn and make a striped long dress like the one in the photo above. We select 5 colors, alternating them every 22 rows. Then we enter stripes pattern in a knitted pattern that alternate garter stitch with elongated stitch. The final touch is a very simple crochet border at the bottom edge.

Vitaminic orange, let’s dress for summer!

Orange is the color of summer and this year has an irresistible intensity. You can choose single pieces, monochromatic looks o just accessories: that’s all it takes to light up your outfits!

vitaminic orange summer combo

Taste its liveliness in the linen combination of Fresh yarn. We suggest a total look short top/long skirt, as pictured above. We crocheted them using combining mesh stitches, trebles and squares. Choose the shape you prefer, match the crochet stitches and… wear summer!