Crochet-needles tutorials for two 2023 summer models


We will stop for the next few weeks, but we leave you with crochet-needles tutorials for two 2023 summer models presented in the past months. For the crochet pattern we chose the classic bikini. For the needles pattern, on the other hand, there is a T-shirt worked with a particular yarn, the fashion Grenada.

crochet orange bikini.       knit teal T-shirt

Orange bikini, the crochet tutorials

The shape of bikini is classic, triangle bra and panties with side strings. The stitch is also classic, double crochet. In the videos we show how to shape the two parts of panties, back and front. In the first video you see how to work a double crochet row with decreases at the sides, to be repeated until the end of the first part. For each decrease we work a dc2tog, i.e. double crochet two together.

In the second video, however, we show how to make a double crochet row with increases at the sides, repeated until the end of the second part. Here, to increase, we work 2 double crochet into same stitch.

Teal T-shirt, the needles tutorial

The T-shirt has an essential shape and uses a simple stitch, garter stitch. The peculiarity, and the effect, is all in the yarn. Grenada in fact has bobbles, that you skip as you knit. Managing the yarn is very intuitive, but this video can make the movements even more immediate.