Two-tone pattern tutorials for crochet cushions


In recent weeks we have posted 4 two-tone pattern for making up crochet cushions matching the 2022 blanket. Now we resume 3 of the 4 patterns and add short videos to show the main steps.

two-tone pattern - crochet cushions 2023

Pattern 1 – Cream brick motif

In the video below we take up the double crochet and triple treble row. We work it with brown yarn and it is the step where we form the bricks outlines.

Pattern 3 – Crochet stripes motif

In this video, on the other hand, we show how to work cross stitches to create the X motifs. We always work with brown color.

Pattern 4 – Motif with bobbles and stripes

For this stitch we go into more detail and show 4 steps. In the first one we chain and work the 1st row of double crochet with brown.

We then join cream yarn and work the next two rows of double crochet. The video starts from the middle of the 2nd row.

Now there is the row that alternates 3 bobbles and 1 treble. Again, we work with cream color. We see it in this video.

So, we are at the end of the steps, with the double crochet row following bobbles row. We still maintain cream color, as the video shows.