Crochet passion – The basics of technique (with videos)


This fashion evergreen renews itself collection after collection. It creates a unique style no longer limited to the summer season. The technique conquers even the young girls. We are talking about crochet passion, a handiwork to create super fashion models and items.

So, Lana Gatto dedicates some posts to this technique, combining stitches instructions with easy projects created ad hoc. Start with a review of the basics, useful for beginner and for those who resume it after a long break. Steps are explained in a simple way and accompanied by short-form videos.

Crochet passion, from chain to treble

When crocheting, there are no established rules for how to hold the hook or the yarn. It is possible to hold the hook like a knife or like a pen. It is important to choose the grip you prefer in order to work more easily.

Foundation chain

Also called starting chain, the foundation chain is the base for all crochet works!

Start by making a slip knot. Allowing a tail of yarn to flow freely, wrap yarn around index and middle fingers of your left hand, making a ring. Insert hook into ring, grasp yarn coming from the skein or ball and draw it through. Now pull both strands (working and tail end of yarn), tighten to create your slip knot.

Wrap the yarn over crochet hook and draw it through slip knot on the hook, making first chain in this manner. Wrap again the yarn over hook, draw it through the loop on the hook, making 2nd chain. Repeat last step as many times as it is needed, to obtain desired number of chains.

Chain frontside is flat, while on reverse there is a line of horizontal bumps. The chain stitch count is usually done on the front: count the “V” shapes, starting from chain closest to hook (the loop on hook must not be counted) and ending with chain closest to slip knot.  At beginning of each row, it is necessary to work the “turning chains” in order to bring hook and yarn to the height needed so you can work the first stitch of next row or round. The number of chain stitches you make in the turning chain depends on what the next stitch in the row is, because some stitches are taller than others (for example, double crochet needs 1 chain, while treble needs 3 chains).

To make 1 double crochet 

Make a foundation chain, counting also starting chain stitch. Count 2 chains from hook and insert hook into this 2nd chain stitch. Then, wrap yarn on hook and draw it through chain stitch: now on hook there are 2 loops. Wrap the yarn again on hook and draw it through the 2 loops on hook: in this manner you have closed the first double crochet. Insert hook into next chain stitch and repeat these steps across row to end.

If you want to get slip stitch instead, fist insert hook into chain stitch. Then, wrap yarn on hook and draw it through chain stitch and loop on hook, closing slip stitch in one step only. This stitch is useful for ending round works or for joining two pieces.

To make 1 treble

At beginning of row, make 3 turning chains, corresponding to first treble. Wrap yarn on hook, insert hook into 2nd stitch, yarn on hook and draw it through this stitch. Again, wrap yarn on hook and draw it through first 2 loops on hook. Wrap yarn on hook again and draw it through remaining 2 loops on hook, closing treble in this manner. Wrap yarn on hook, insert hook into next stitch, repeat previous steps and continue across row to end.

In the picture below you can see a crochet sample: 1st row is worked in double crochet and 2nd row is created by trebles.

Half treble has an intermediate height between double crochet and treble. If you want to get it instead, wrap yarn on hook, insert hook into chain stitch, wrap yarn on hook and draw it through chain stitch. Now, wrap yarn on hook and draw it through the 3 loops on hook, closing half treble in this manner.

To fasten off

At end of any work it is necessary to close last stitch and fasten off. Cut out yarn leaving a long end. Elongate loop on hook, insert yarn into loop and pull it, closing loop. Fasten off.


Crochet lessons video are made by:
Barbara Mazzi ed Elisa Mezzani di Filofilò – Merceria Creativa
Piazza IV Novembre, 10 – Villafranca di Verona (VR)