Italian beauties – A fresh bouquet for summer textures


The latest yarns from the 2021 SS Fashion collection are a tribute to two exclusive Italian locations. They put on a show their blooms and inspire summer textures. So, let’s get to know them!

Sanremo – Iridescent textures like the ‘city of flowers’

The ‘city of flowers’ par excellence – unique, lively, fashionable – inspires the Sanremo yarn. The soft viscose tape, wrapped in a thin silver/gold foil, gives lively shiny-matt reflections. Furthermore, the iridescent effects and the composition create a combo for accessories and outerwear.


A straight shape is enough to express all the potential, as that of the top above. Work it is simple: knit two rectangles in stocking stitch. Then, if you like, add an openwork stitch just after armholes beginning.


Sorrento – Colorful textures and scent of lemons

Contamination is the hallmark of Sorrento, a town that has welcomed different peoples and cultures over the time. History and legend mix with the scent of lemons and the infinite colors that nature gives. Sorrento yarn is the counterpart of the ‘city of gardens’. Here, instead, it is the twisted linen that embraces the viscose, giving life to adorable mottled effects.


This thread expresses at its best in crochet or net stitch work. It also stands out with a classic sticking stitch, perhaps combined with ribbed edges, as in the shirt with elbow-length sleeves above.