Italian beauties – Nature and fashion, binomial of excellence


Seven Italian beauties are the landing places of a route to discover the 2021 Spring/Summer Fashion collection. In this virtual itinerary we will guide us natural beauty, creativity and that way of life that make Italy unique.

The quality natural fibers chosen are cotton, viscose and linen, in pure versions or blended with silk and hemp. Other “illuminating” fibers are added to make yarn even more precious and chic.

So, let’s start our navigation and point the rudder towards the first three gems of the collection.


Capri – An island, a style

A beautiful ‘Piazzetta’. Houses that intensify their white wall when the light hits them. A fascinating wild nature all around and the Faraglioni rocks as a guard. Dream, myth and beauty materialize when you arrive in Capri, one of the three islands in the Bay of Naples. Synonymous with worldliness, it also gave its name to a style.



Fashionable Capri is the inspiration for Capri yarn. The main fiber is cotton (80%), tightened in a polyamide coating (20%). The product is ideal for making crocheted tank tops, bags, and costumes with a cheerful, holiday feel. To get an idea of its effect, look at the tank top we have made: we have used an elaborate pineapple stitch, which enhances the colors of the yarn. You can take inspiration from the model and choose a simple openwork pattern, such as shell stitch or filet mesh.


Porto Cervo – Luxury at a glance

A small fishing village gathered around a cove and transformed into a jewel by a prince. Emerald waters surrounded by granite promontories and lush Mediterranean vegetation. We are on the north-east coast of Sardinia, precisely in Porto Cervo. The most iconic location of the Costa Smeralda is synonymous with luxury and elite tourism. You can see it at a glance walking in the square or among its intricate streets: boutiques, restaurants, hotels, clubs… all in the name of an expensive lifestyle!



Porto Cervo yarn could only be luxurious: a shiny jewel due to its composition, 80% shiny viscose and 20% metallic fiber. You can see it at a glance and even more so while knitting or crocheting. You don’t need elaborate stitches, just a basic stocking stitch, as you can see in the dress above: a classic shape, with round neckline and straps, enhanced by yarn and its color.


Taormina – Nature of boundless beauty

Mediterranean flavors and scents, sea and mountains harmoniously blended, culture and history that you can breathe in every corner and a precious Teatro Antico. We are in Taormina, a coastal municipality of Messina overlooking the Ionian Sea. Here the nature has given life to views of an enchanting beauty. Those who came here have been struck and amazed by the many landscapes, also made of harmonious contrasts.


Nature is the distinctive feature of Taormina yarn. The chain stitch is in fact composed of 70% cotton and 30% hemp. Freshness, lightness and softness are the adjectives that best describe it. The color chart is a collection of 6 beautiful Mediterranean shades, such as those of the sea and sky, chosen for the crochet dress that we propose. Filet mesh stripes alternating at will with high knit stripes outline a short dress with a deep V-neck and lacing at the tip.