On the stars trail – 21-22 FW sparkling looks from March 15th


Stars have always enchanted adults and children, stimulating their imagination. They are as bright as the soul of the new 5 Stars Limited Edition yarns. The finest fibers contained in them illuminate even the most sober outfits.

From March 15th, on @lanagattofficial and on this web page, you will see the sparkling looks made by the Mizar, Polaris, and Vega yarn balls. Plus, get ready to discover Baby Alpaca 70 yarn, the new 2021 addition to the Luxury collection.

Follow the exclusive Lana Gatto ‘streets of the cosmos’!


March 18th. Special guest Baby Alpaca 70 – Luxury preciousness

‘Fiber of the gods’. This was how the Incas called the precious natural fiber obtained from the fleece of Alpacas, a type of camelid they had learned to domesticate. In fact, only the emperor, his family and the leading figures of the court could wear clothing made from this material.

Among the many qualities that make it precious there is the incredible variety of natural colors available, from white to the whole range of browns to charcoal. Wool made from the first shearing of Baby Alpacas is even more precious because it is finer and brighter. Alone or combined with other fibers, Alpaca and Baby Alpaca are in great demand by the big fashion houses and the textile industry, but also by artisan spinner and weavers, to make luxury products.

The new entry Baby Alpaca 70 precisely enrich the Lana Gatto Luxury Collection: a successful combination of 70% Baby Alpaca and 30% Pure Wool. Garments knitted with this yarn are elegant and retain the characteristics of the basic fiber: they are soft and light, shiny and silky, hard-wearing, comfortable both at high and low temperatures.



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March 17th. On the Vega trails – A cloud of multicolored light

Before leaving the streets of the cosmos, let us stop to admire Vega. It is the brightest star in the Lyra constellation and the fifth in the sky. Easily visible to the naked eye, it has a record: it is the first star, after the Sun, to have been photographed.

Vega yarn, like its astronomical counterpart, shines thanks to the numerous small sequins inserted on a polyamide and polyester core. Colors are combined as follows: gold or silver sequins on plain colors thread, multi-colored micro sequins on printed thread. So, dress yourself with a shimmering cloud of light!



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March 16th. On the Polaris trails – The evening seduction

Let’s continue our astronomical walk and let us be seduced by the mysterious beauty of Polaris, the brightest star in the Ursa Minor constellation. For centuries, navigators have sought its light in the sky to find the right direction in the darkness. It has always fascinated astronomers, who have not yet been able to define its exact size and distance.

Light, seduction, and charm are the star trails left in the Polaris yarn. Brilliant and copious drop-shaped sequins lay between precious Alpaca Superfine, a small percentage of wool and three synthetic fibers. Are you ready to light up your evening winter outfits?



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March 15th. On the Mizar trails – A stellar coupling

We begin to venture on the streets of the cosmos and turn eyes toward the central star in the helm of the Big Dipper, the asterism of the Ursa Major constellation consisting of seven bright stars. Mizar forms with its companion Alcor a double star, the first of its kind to be discovered. The brilliance of this pair is visible to the naked eye.

Mizar yarn is also born in the sign of a double nature. Two are in fact the fibers that compose it, viscose and polyamide. And two are the effects produced by the particular processing, an alternation of linear thread and small pearls in the same tone of yarn. Its beauty is enhanced by adding a second pure yarn: it’s worth trying the combinations Mizar+Wool and Mizar+Mohair!



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