Socks yarn innovative by Lana Gatto: Merino Socks


Lana Gatto launches an innovative and exclusive socks yarn, 100% Made in Italy as all its Collections. It is the newest addition to the 2023/2024 AW Collection and its name is Merino Socks. Composed of Fine Merino Wool Super Wash and Nylon, it provides 8 cheerful, fancy, and original hues.

Merino Socks - socks yarn colors

The innovative features of the yarn are twofold. The first is the packaging. In fact, it has a practical gift box containing: 2 balls of 50gr and instructions for using yarn and knitting a pair of socks-the latter written on the back of the label. The second, however, is a special feature related to the composition. The first meters of yarn, taken from the inner of each ball, have an invisible elastic used specifically for knitting socks borders. In this way, they are just as comfortable as industrial ones.

The Lana Gatto family thus expands with a perfect, useful, high-quality gift idea!