Trendy cardigan, knitted and crocheted models


Here comes the most celebrated garment on 2022/2023 winter catwalks! The trendy cardigan dictates style in the knitwear wardrobe. It comes in numerous versions, from charmant to irreverent, from ethnic to urban. Long or short, maxi or mini, with or without buttons, plain color or rainbow, the choice is really wide.

Focusing on classic shapes and shades, we made 2 proposals in Prestige and Aladino yarns, the last one in combo with New Glitter.

The first model is a candid and elegant knitted cardigan. Shape is traditional: straight, barely covering hips, it has buttons and round neckline.

candid elengance - knitted cardigan

Back and sleeves are in stocking stitch, while fronts have a symmetrical diamond and cable pattern. We have prepared 3 short videos to present stitch, particularly the central diamond. In the first one you can see how to cross 3 stitches (slanted to the left and to the right) to form the lower oblique sides of diamond.

The second video starts from the middle of motif and shows how to make the 3 crossed stitches (also slanted to the left and to the right) to get the upper oblique sides.

When complete the 4 sides of diamond, to close it, you have to work 4 left crossed stitches in the center. The third video takes up this step. Thus, ends the first diamond motif, to repeat along fronts.

The second cardigan has touches of lurex and chooses crochet stitches. Refined triple treble columns, framed by arches of chains and double crochet, follow one another over the entire texture. The base color is light gray. Brightening the garment are borders and fake pockets in glittering dark gray.

lurex touches - crochet cardigan

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