Valentine’s Day Hearts, Love in all its forms


There are those who look forward to February 14th, a great classic among days to celebrate. Create our very special Valentine’s Day hearts, in knitting and crochet version, and celebrate the Love you believe in. It can come in all forms: for your partner, for a friend, for your family, for the planet, for yourself. DYE hearts are quick and easy to make, and can accompany a sweet thought or another surprise already planned.

What do you need to get started Valentine’s Day hearts?

For both projects, you will need:

  • a small amount of Calicò yarn in following colours: red and whitea 3.25 mm crochet hook
  • a pair of 4.00mm knitting needles or circular needles
  • scissors
  • padding
  • yarn needle
  • a carabiner

coasters materials  keyring materials


Valentine’s Day hearts – The projects

What are we going to create? That’s right, we haven’t told you yet: coasters and a keyring, here they are.

Valentine's Day hearts

So, lovers, get the supplies and… let’s get going!

A couple of… crochet coasters hearts

Here is the first project, a lovely pair of crochet coasters hearts. Let’s proceed with instructions, accompanied by some step-by-step photos.

With red yarn and crochet hook, ch4, join into a ring with a slip stitch. Work following chart and key. Starting from center of square part, continue to work also the two side parts, both shaped with 8 double trebles. Cut yarn and fasten off.


If you want to print it, download coasters hearts patt


crochet coasters hearts - step 1  crochet coasters hearts - step 2 crochet coasters hearts - step 3

crochet coasters hearts - step 4                   crochet coasters hearts - step 5


Now, join white yarn to a stitch of last round with a ss, ch1 (= first double crochet) and work a round of double crochet, ending with a slip stitch into first double crochet. Cut yarn and fasten off.


crochet coasters hearts - step 6



Valentine’s Day hearts shaped like… keyring

Now we’re ready for the second project, a soft keyring knit heart. Here we are instructions to make it, accompanied by some step-by-step photos.

With 4.00mm knitting needles or circular needles and red yarn cast on 3 sts and work following diagram. Shape sides, increasing 1 st at each end on first and every alternate row 7 times, as shown in diagram, until to have 17 sts. Now, starting with a P row, work 7 rows in stocking st straight, then shape sides decreasing across last 5 rows as shown in diagram. Cast off rem sts, cut yarn and weave in ends. Make another heart alike.


diagram for keyring knit hearts

If you want to print it, download keyring knit heart patt


keyring knit heart - step 1        keyring knit heart - step 2

keyring knit heart - step 3        keyring knit heart - step 4

keyring knit heart - step 5       keyring knit heart - step 6

Overlap the two pieces each other and sew side seams all around, inserting padding at the same time.


keyring knit heart - step 7


For string, with 4.00mm needles and red yarn cast on 12 sts, work 4 rows in garter st and cast off all sts. Insert string into carabiner keyring and sew ends to heart center.


keyring knit heart - step 8      keyring knit heart - step 9

keyring knit heart - step 10      keyring knit heart - step 11


Concept, works and step-by-step photos made by:
Barbara Mazzi and Elisa Mezzani, Filofilò – Merceria Creativa
Piazza IV Novembre, 10 – Villafranca di Verona (VR)